What is port forwarding?

Port forwarding is a technology that allows a direct access from internet to a specific application on your local computer.  

What is the difference between port forwarding and public ip?

In case you obtain a public ip, it will be used only by you and all ports (up to 65536) could be used by you. In port forwarding, you will get only one port which you can use.

On which servers does port forwarding work?

Port forwarding works on all servers with mark in the client area.  

Here is an example how it looks like:

What happens if you connect to public server (which gives you a public ip, e.g Sweden Public IP) with enabled port forwarding?

Nothing, you will obtain a public ip address with ability to forward all ports from public ip to your local computer.

Why do I need port forwarding?

Port forwarding is often required for such programs as Emule, uTorrent or in case  you want to setup a web/game server which should be accessible from internet.

How can I enable port forwarding?

You can enable port forwarding in user panel. External port - is one is accessible from internet, internal port - the one that you open on your computer.

What should I do to enable port forwarding on my computer?

Nothing, after enabling port forwarding in client area and connecting to vpn, the port will be already forwarded to your computer.

Why can't I change public port?

Public port is assigned automatically to any user due to security and reliability reasons. It will be assigned to user and cannot be changed. This specific port will be valid on any server and will be forwarded automatically after re-connection/changing a server.

How long will this port number linked to my account after subscription end?

The port will be associated with this account for 7 more days after subscription end. Then it will be cancelled.