In order to determine if your device is connected to the Anonine VPN servers, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start your VPN client, and connect to one the Anonine VPN servers.
  2. Go to in a browser window.

If the webpage lists the city & country that you are connected from as that of the VPN server you selected, then you are connected, and all your online activities are 100% secure and anonymous. 

For example; a successful connection to our Atlanta, USA server will display the following results:

If the location displayed is not that of the VPN server you are attempting to connect to and is your actual physical location; your VPN connection is not working, and your online activity and data is not encrypted by our servers.  

If you experience any connection issues, please contact our Support team with the following information so that we can promptly assist you in resolving the issue:

  • Where you are connecting from, and the location you are connecting to.

  • Operating System & Version

  • Your connection type (DSL, Cable, etc)

  • Your VPN Protocol and Software (OpenVPN, PPTP, etc)

  • Any error messages you are receiving, screenshots, etc.