When you are connected to one of our VPN servers, your network traffic is "routed" from your computer to our server to the remote site - and takes the same path back to you. The distance your data travels should not significantly affect your connection speed, but network congestion or problems can adversely affect your connection speed. 

Our servers are closely monitored, and our engineering team ensures we have ample bandwidth and processing power - even at peak times. 

If your connection seems slow when connecting to different websites or services, try another server location and see if the problem persists.

If you are experiencing with slow connection speeds while connected to our servers; please contact our Support Team for personalized support.

Please provide us with the following information in order for us to diagnose your problem:

  • Where you are connecting from, and the location you are connecting to.
  • Operating System & Version
  • Your connection type (DSL, Cable, etc)
  • Your VPN Protocol and Software (OpenVPN, PPTP, etc)
  • Speed test results from SpeedTest (http://www.speedtest.net/) connected to the VPN.
  • Speed test results from SpeedTest (http://www.speedtest.net/) DISCONNECTED from the VPN
  • What sites / content you are surfing while experiencing speed issues (Youtube videos, etc)
  • Any additional information pertaining to your network configuration, system, etc. that may contribute to issues